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AustinCina Architects ~ Who We Are

Who We Are and What We Are About

Originally organized in 1953 as Johnson Austin Associates, AustinCina Architects has acquired an impressive design record. Throughout the years of operations, we have maintained a very diverse practice. Our past client files include some two hundred custom residences, over four hundred commercial/public buildings, which include civic centers, industrial plants, schools, multi-family residences, restaurants and professional office and retail centers. A number of these projects have culled various awards and citations, altogether projecting what we believe is an extensive expertise and indication of our range and abilities.

Certain principles have guided the firm from its inception and allowed it to maintain both a very modern and competitive profile, and a traditional stance regarding quality of design. If a motto could be applied to AustinCina, it would be "quality, originality and durability".

We believe that a client expects a building which will reflect their individuality and a good old fashioned respect for the construction dollar. We like to believe that we are preeminently practical architects. We design timely buildings that are carefully detailed to wear well over the years. We also design buildings that are economical to operate and comfortable to work and live within. We like to think we are known for working within a budget. We do not like the position of having to convince a client that they will have to increase their budget to meet our design criteria. Our Architects are sensitive to this first phase of a developing project. We recognize that very few architects are concerned these days in adjusting their concepts to the client's budget. The client is. And so are we.


Founded in 1953, Incorporated in 1983, State of Washington


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