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AustinCina Architects ~ Design Process

How We Design Your Vision

AustinCina is a collaborative design "shop", utilizing every source and creative energy to help provide the best design for your project. This unique approach has proven to be a very important element in the success we have enjoyed since our professional practice began in 1953. There are several key processes that we utilize within the design development of a project which are vital to ensuring a successful design.

Building Program Development

Without thoroughly understanding needs and building objectives, any design solution is that of the Architect's and not the client's.

By honoring your project goals and your "spirit", we can design to reflect the heart and essence of your vision. Developing a comprehensive building program, which clearly defines your needs and priorities, budgets, timelines, and why your project is unique, will insure a successful design development process. Understanding this importance, AustinCina spends the necessary time initially to either assist you in the development of a building program or review the project program thoroughly.

Design Charrettes

Upon approval of the building program by the client, AustinCina holds a design charrette within the design studio. Every architect is provided a copy of the program and any other pertinent project information. From this information and a brief presentation by the Architect responsible for developing the building program, every architect develops his or her own design solution for the project. These designs are then presented and critiqued by the entire design group. Suggestions and recommendations from the entire group are incorporated into the designs and then are re-drawn into a presentation quality format. These design solutions are then presented to the client for their review and comments. Typically the client selects one solution as the overwhelming choice, although details and features from other schemes are asked to be incorporated in the final designs. From these comments, one solution is then prepared and presented to the client.