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AustinCina Architects, P.S.

Welcome to AustinCina Architects, P.S.

Originally organized in 1953 as Johnson Austin Associates, AustinCina Architects has acquired an impressive design record. Throughout the years of operations, we have maintained a very diverse practice. Our past client files include over two hundred custom residences and over four hundred commercial & public buildings. These include civic centers, industrial plants, schools, multi-family residences, restaurants, professional offices and retail centers. A number of these projects have culled various awards and citations, altogether projecting what we believe is an extensive expertise and indication of our range and abilities.

Architecture proficiency to orchestrate your building’s functions into a clear and eloquent ensemble.
Engineering partnerships that coordinate consultant engineers to instill life and support to your ensemble.
Master Planning and guidance to create a building map to achieve your short and long range visions.
Land Use Planning to further maximize your site efficiently now and in the future.
Interior Design approach that coordinates a palette of colors and materials for an operatic ambiance.
Project Development that leverages modern methods and means to implement your enterprise.
Construction Management that monitors the assembling of your masterpiece to assure desired results.